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Always wanted to know about these talented gals & guys? We've done some interviews for you.

Nauman Yahya of BIMCS Islamabad :: New!

A professional tennis player since 1995 and a hard working student. Nauman Yahya is another name is shining stars. Take some time to read something about his thoughts and achievements.

Read Nauman Yahya's interview with

Shaheryar Khan Yousafzai

An inspiring personality of Bahria University. He was an active student and currently teaching in Bahria University, Islamabad. His friendly attitude made him famous and adorable among students.

Read His Exclusive Interview with

Shahmeer Rafiq of The FIRM

A shining student of Bahria University, Karachi campus shares his personal & professional secrets.

Shahmeer's Interview

Heard about Gilly?

Hasan Khan from Bahria Islamabad is not just a talented individual; he is actually a professional programmer. Can't believe it?

Read Hasan's Interview

Naureen Ruftaj Khan (BIMCS Karachi)

72 Sports Gold Medals, an excellent academic record and a great professional career. This girl is an all rounder. From sports to societies and studies, she has a remarkable portfolio.

Click here to know more about her

Haseeb Afsar

His company Kreative Arts is a trusted name in not just Pakistani software industry but he has some offshore projects too. Haseeb Afsar tells about himself in his Exclusive Interview with

More Interviews Coming Up!

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