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Shahmeer Rafiq of The FIRM

Complete Name: Shahmeer Rafiq

Star: Aries

Age: 22

D.O.B : March 28th, 1982

Favorite color: Black


Bahria University Karachi Campus


I am pleased to inform you that you're one of the shining stars team loves to interview and add in the Talent Hunt section. How does it feel to be interviewed?

It feels great to be interviewed by team as I am a great admirer of your website.

By profession, what do you title yourself apart from being a student?

As music is one of my hobbies and my passion as well, so apart from being a computer science student, I title my self as a Musician too.

What is "The FIRM"?

The FIRM is a society of Bahria University Karachi, and it does somewhat does. It provides students a platform to share their work and talent with other students. We arrange seminars, workshops, and also cover each event that occurs in BIMCS Karachi, and provide students with a complete event day report and pictures online through our website.

The FIRM is quite a famous name among Bahria University students. How did it all start?

It all started with a concept of a website which could work as a platform for students to share their educational work, their creativeness, and their ideas. To convert this concept into reality was the main task. I had the knowledge and tools to build such a website, but that was not enough because to launch such a type of a website, you need sponsors and people to help you. So the thing that came to my mind was why not make a society which will launch this website and also arrange seminars and other events.

Muskuraaiey.. Aap ki face value barhaygi! ;)

So you have a dedicated team rite?

Yes, we have a very dedicated team of people working with us in The FIRM. In fact it is all because of my team that we have accomplished so much and are one of the leading societies of BIMCS Karachi now.

How do you see student bodies and societies in Bahria University's both campuses?

Karachi Campus is very strong when it comes to Societies, as we have approximately eight functioning societies present in our campus at the moment and some new three to four societies are being launched very soon. On the other hand I have heard that there is only one society present at the moment working in Islamabad Campus, and I personally think that more societies should come forward and be approved by the administration which will all in all benefit Islamabad Campus.

Do you think there should be more societies and clubs?

Definitely, the more societies and clubs there are in a campus, the more are seminars and events arranged at that campus.

What about your studies? I've heard you're a parhaku guy :P

I wont call myself a parhaku guy, I just study a day or two before the exams, you can just say that I know how to get the marks from the teachers ;)

How is everything going on in The FIRM ?

Well nowadays the things are going a little slow in The FIRM, but I think that is just because everybody is busy with their summer session and internships. As soon as the new semester starts The FIRM will be in action again.

Any competitors?

No competitors for us as we work in collaboration with all the societies, when we are arranging events, they help us and when they are we help them by covering their events and also in every other possible way we can, as the motive of all the societies is the same, which is to promote Bahria University.

Sports Day

What are your future plans? if they aren't secret ;)

No, no secrets in our societies, well we are thinking about our Quiz competition final named Bahria’s Brilliant of the year and after that we are thinking about launching the first issue of our Magazine “Inspire”

Any hobbies? or side profession?

My hobbies are swimming, playing the guitar, and reading.

You're a guitarist too, so when are you launching your first album :P ?

No launching of albums for me as  as I m thinking about going abroad for my studies.

Want to share something regarding your professional life in context of The FIRM & guitaring?

Everything requires time and sincerity, if you can give these two things to something then you can accomplish anything in this world.

Typical questions, any best friend?

Yes, I have one best friend, my brother Ali Noman.

How do you summarize your life in a sentence or two?

All I can say is that life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful :)

Many juniors or new comers would love to be someone like you. Any tips for them?

Well there is one thing that I always say “Apply yourself and make it happen!”

Dining Out :)

How and when did you come to know about

I came to know about through my friend Noreen Ruftaj in the last semester when she asked me if she could post pictures of Eid Mela on a Islamabad Campus website.

Any comments or suggestions for

My suggestion to guys would be to keep on working and doing the great job, Inshallah one day you will accomplish all you dream of.

Thank you very much!

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