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Shaheryar Khan Yousafzai of BACSAP

Complete name: 
Shaheryar Khan Yousafzai

Date of Birth: 10th Dec, 1978

Star: Sagittarius 

Favorite color: Black, Green, Blue



I am pleased to inform you that you are one of the shining stars for Talent Hunt section. How does it feel to be interviewed by 

It is an honour to be one of the first interviewee from a new platform that is for the students of Bahria and by the students of Bahria. I just hope that the spirit with which the website is being launched continues and this should become a reflection of the efforts that Bahrians are capable of.

What would you like to title yourself apart from being a teacher?

Well I don’t know if I would classify myself as a TEACHER. I still consider myself more of a student than a Teacher. That is because I learn new things everyday and the only thing different that I do is that I share all the stuff that I imbibe with the students. So in that way I am a student who shares his knowledge with other students.

 Were you a very hard working student? a parhaku guy in other words? :)

Nopes. Never was a really studious person during my uni days. I used to get a lot of flak about this laid back attitude that I had about my studies by a certain friend of mine. But I really became serious about learning when I was appointed to the post of a teaching assistant in Bahria. It was here that I realised my true calling and the person who helped me realise it was no other than Mr. Faisal Darbari who used to teach databases and networks.

with Dr. Samar Mubarik (Leading Nuclear Scientist)

How is your professional life going on? Want to tell our site visitors something about your professional life?

Well why not. Lets make is confession time instead of question time (Lol). My professional life currently is a mix of network administration and project management. The hours are very tough, but at the same time it really rewarding as well as I am growing in experience and professionalism. I still have a long way to go to truly become an expert in my field as everyday when I feel that I have learnt so many things the next day I find out that I have so much more still to learn.

Any lessons you learnt from your professional career?

Many. This just links up to the 2nd question where I said that I am still a student. The first thing that struck me about professional life was that how totally different it was from life in the uni. It is a totally different ballgame.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer & BACSAP team

You are a teacher too. Is it that easy to manage teaching and your office?

Sometimes I feel as if I am going to break. I mean there are days that I have to make do with only 2 hours of sleep. But this is the time when I can work hard. My body supports me in this effort so I feel that I must make the best use of what I have and try and maximize my potential.

What are your future plans regarding your academics?

I want to do my MS, in Telecom but later after gaining some experience here in the local market. I feel that with such a qualification and the practical know how about my field of choice I can really get the best for myself and my family.

You are former chairman BACSAP and are one of those who are very dedicated to BACSAP; is BACSAP still delivering?

I have been actively involved in all the exhibitions after the second one in which I was the chairman. I owe a lot to BACSAP as that is the platform from which I got my first exposure to practical life. I learnt my people handling skills and I also learned to face a crowd when I gave my speech during the opening ceremony of BB&C 2001. BACSAP can still deliver a lot provided the students and its members are ready to stand up and be counted. What I am sad about is that not many are ready to take on the responsibility of the organisation of such a gala event and other in-house activities.

Bits Bytes & Colors 2001 opening

Would you like to give an idea to our visitors about BACSAP apart from official material that is available on the site? What was the prime motive behind BACSAP?

When I see myself back in the days of its creation, there was no organization in our univ that could offer us to play any role other then the typical books and class room. To help students think beyond the course work. Any platform that could offer us a chance to present Bahria at national. Any platform where we could bring together the leading figures from industry and share their knowledge and experience with us. Especially a platform where IT institutes in Pakistan could be brought together and where we could work together and learn by sharing knowledge. 
Aim was to provide a platform to students to participate in extracurricular activities and hone their leadership skills, to learn to work in a team, to understand the organizational behaviour, to take initiative and give a practical shape to their ideas related to studies. 
At that time there were few universities having such organizations so we felt that we should have our own organization to group together the students of Bahria. 
Presence of any such platform which could offer us an opportunity to organize IT related events where especially we as students and generally the society could get the benefit.

Bahria Karachi already has 8 active societies including 3 IT related societies. Do you think there should be new societies and clubs in Bahria University, Islamabad campus?

Definitely. Why not? But these societies will only be of value if someone supervises them to ensure that they remain active. If they exist only in name and do not perform any function then I think that we are better off without them.

How is your experience of teaching going on so far?

Really great. I enjoy it a lot as I had some really great teachers by whose example I learnt a lot. I also just try to give them back some portion of what I learn everyday. I was very much exited when I joined faculty coz the job was offered just one moth after completing my studies. In student life I wanted to be in this profession later on but never thought of starting my career as a Teacher, which still going great.

Can I ask some personal questions too? :)

Ummmmm……. Okie but I reserve the right to stay quite :) 

Are you married? or any plans in coming future?

My Parents are really after me to do something but I have just told them that if they see a person who would be suited to me then they should just go ahead and tell me when everything is ready. (After all I am a Mashriqui Larka naa.. hehehe)  

Do you want to give credit to anyone for your success so far?

Allah, my Parents, some very close relatives and my friends.   

Many junior and senior students are great fans of yours because of your friendly attitude and command over subject. What’s the secret behind your cool minded personality?

One should know what one is talking about. I try to be as prepared as I can be on the topic which I have to cover in class on that day. Another thing is that you have to make the students feel that they are part of the class and not try and smother them with pressure. If they feel that you are teaching them something useful then they will be perceptive and will pay attention to what you are saying.
Other thing is that I can understand the feelings of a student coz in student life I faced a lot of problems in univ that’s because I was very much involved in extra curricular activities etc. And besides that I am always ready to help anyone if a student has a genuine problem.

Any lessons you learnt from your personal life?

My Father has been through some very hard and trying times just so that me and my siblings could have a good life. He is my role model. He has taught me the value of the good things in life. He always said that family is more important than all the money in the world.     

Any best friend?

Well I have lots of friends n Jiggers. My best friend, my class mate and almost like the elder brother that I never had is Raheem Khan. We became friends very early on during our MCS. After that we did most of our projects together as well. After that we were amongst the worker in the first edition of BB&C and in second one I was the Chairman and he was the Vice Chairman. We still meet almost everyday even with the very busy schedules that both of us have.

Any regrets?

I wish that I had put in more effort in my studies during my time in Bahria. Besides that Allah has been more than kind to me and has given me all that I could only dream of during my childhood.

Many students and new comers would love to be someone like you. Any tips for them?

You really are too kind. I mean I have never considered myself as a role model for anyone. But I think I have succeeded due my unshakable faith in Allah, the prayers of my Parents and sheer dint of hard work. Additionally you do need a few lucky breaks along the way. My lucky break was when I got my first job in Bahria which I consider is a reward for all my efforts and what I did for Bahria & Bahrians.

Did you know about If yes, how and when did you come to know about

Well, I came to know about Forum few month ago through a person who is a member of your forum and also works with me.       

Any suggestions, comments for this students' venture i.e.

Just be honest in your efforts and try and be a true reflection of what all the students of Bahria want from their Alma Mater. Bring up new issue which the students might face and try and be a constructive link between the students and the administration of BU.

Bits Bytes & Colors 2000 closing

Thank You Very Much! 

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