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Nauman Yahya

Complete name: Nauman Yahya

Date of Birth: 23rd April, 1985

Star: Taurus

Favorite color: Black



You've been selected as star. How does it feel to be interviewed? 

I am feeling very good that some one had selected me as a bahria star. I will feel good to be interviewed.

Can you tell our users about the titles you've won so far?

The titles which I have won is the independence cup I was also the junior champion in 2001,i also won the ITF junior circuit held in Islamabad.

You're a very good sportsman and a student.. How do you manage both things?

Division of time between both the activities is quite an easy task for me since I am confident
that I can sustain and coupe up with both the things.

When did you start professional sports?

I started my professional career in 1995 in tennis and from that time I am playing up to now and I hope I will do best in the future.

Which sports do you love the most?


Are you a born sportsman or you did hard work to achieve it?

I think its very natural in me when I think that its in my blood.

Sports require a lot of time and hard work, is this your career
dream or something?

Its a tough one since education is the most important in everyone's life but when it comes to
sports its my being aggressiveness that led me until this point and I think that I can achieve almost every thing when it comes to sports.

Can I ask some personal Questions? :P

Yeah ! sure !

Whom do you like the most? Your mother or father? :) typical question!

Obviously u cant compare one with the other and I love both of them

Any lesson from your personal life?

If u cant do anything for the poor then u must not even laugh at them or at there miseries


Any regrets?

I remember laughing at some one due to some reason and after just few hours when the same thing happened to me I realised that I shouldn't have laugh at the person.

If new comers want to be someone like you, any tips for them?

just be what u are.

Any best friend?



When and how did you come to know about

I come to know about star from my friend Adil he wanted that I should I give the interview.
Any comments or suggestions for

Yes its a good thing for those who have started such type of thing and it give the other people a complete information about bahria.

Thank You Very Much! 

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