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Haseeb Afsar of Kreative Arts

Name: Haseeb Afsar

Star: Taurus

Age: 20 (26th of April)

Fav. Color: Dark Blue

Uni: Bahria University, Islamabad


I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected as one of the shining stars for Talent Hunt section. How does it feel to be interviewed by a website that represent a big students community?

Simply Privileged! Bahria.Net has made its mark among the students as a platform where they can talk about anything, share their views and exchange their life patterns. It has provided them with an opportunity to look for openings through which they can excel. Being interviewed by such a community is not just that you feel fortunate rather it is also a matter of pride for me and my company-mates that we are being considered worth and hence I am really thankful to for selecting me.

By profession, what actually you want to title yourself apart from being a student? A web developer? a programmer? an aspirer? or ?

I've been in the field of World Wide Web for quite a long now and have always been educated to the title of web developer, however profession, is a term unifying the way you do things, is about letting people know more of the power you have; I have been attached with number of professions, may it be web development, administrating operations or may it even be as simply a graphic designer; all what ' is ' and ' was ' was acquired through skills; I still have a long way to go in actually deciding what I could be but for now I am pretty much good as a web developer and that's apart from being the CEO of Kreative Arts.

I have seen your work, its really worth appreciation. What was your first creation and what was your age at that time?

Thanks ;) I do not even remember when did I start off making things out of my own for fun however my first formal creation for which I was paid, though very little but it was worth everything I am now was of making an Intranet Website with Database for my School/College i.e. Fauji Foundation College (FB), Rawalpindi, to your next question; I was probably 14 years old but I do remember that I was in the last term of my 8th Grade.

So what is this "Kreative Arts"? Give our site visitors some intro of Kreative Arts. by the way, you got a cool name. :)

An establishment that started off from a humble beginning expanded its name world-wide through its partnerships and liaisons is all about this Kreative Arts. Initially, we started off with a wish-list describing what we need, personally I wanted to make sure that everything I and my mates do should be encouraged and should be projected rightly for which we needed to have a brand name, for which we thought of Kreative Arts, Kreative with K because wanted something different but just creative, Arts here does not necessarily means Graphics and all, it refers to Skills and Abilities. We have a very comprehensive list of services to offer.

About Kreative Arts; It has got an established main office in UK which is being looked after by Jawad Alam who is an Administrator Operations, the reason that we opted to have our main office in UK was because we hold up many potential clients in UK and we are expecting more business from that region; however our development phases varies in regions namely Pakistan because basically the idea remains Pakistani and for Pakistanis.

It is a firm that has got many potential clients apart from those projects which we get from our Partner, Outsourcing Firms especially from UK; To come up to the expectations we have got set of rules to start off; we have some permanent members for service providing and rest we take in people from different counties for different projects, we make use of them by providing them with an opportunity to work for us using our name and they are paid accordingly; however this whole process is conducted very carefully because the person will represent us and we make sure that they are trained properly for this purpose before any advancement.

What do you think how much your parents' support was there behind your success?

Always; if that could only describe how much support was there when ever I was engaged with some sort of projects; they have always upper-handed my projects and never had they shun me over staying up late nights, never have they told me that I should get go off my aim in order to give my 100% to studies though I have tried every possible way to keep a balance but I think it is hard for anyone to keep it exactly what it deserves; its been only my family and friends' support which if wouldn't have been with me; I would have not been able to stand up on my own because we always discourage new talents merely because of this fear of failure which I think should not be there because if you can not work under pressure or risks; you can not excel altogether.
You're a successful person, aren't you?

Ummm...It all depends on our definitions, how we define our success, may be I look all complete or if not may be I might be expected to look complete but I always have my goals set ahead of what I am. I never keep my ideas restricted and never have also tried to stop myself from taking risks; I consider myself partially successful for I am happy with what I do and how am I doing but still have a long way to go. All I need is your help and best wishes.
Any regret from past about your professional life?

I am quite happy with what I have been doing but yea like every other person I do have regrets that if only I wouldn't have done that; all I can think of my regrets from my professional life unify around when recently I lost one of my potential clients because of my engagement with University Exams which made some sort of delay in their business processes making a reason to end-up terms with us, what made it worse was when I was plunged into legal matters with them; but eventually everything ended up quite easily on the cost of my previous efforts I had been making with them; my point here is just to let you people know that its not always Good Morning! sometimes you can be forced to say Bad Morning! but then again Experience is the Key and I have learned a lot from this bad experience.
You're an inspiring example for youngsters to come ahead and do something. How did you make it possible to actually earn big bucks at this age?

I never thought I would be privileged to hold up this chair who can inspire someone but I've always been working hard to help people. Earning and Acquiring big bucks takes a little bit of effort provided you have got the skills, a little bit of thought, opportunity and a fair amount of patience. I also had certain inspiring figures in front of me whom I always use to portal as my role-model in the field, this doesn't mean that if you consider Bill Gates as your roll model, only then you can earn your living lavishly but someone who really have been working in the field and can also help you when you need them.

Now something about the Road Map; if you are interested in any field; you need to have someone in front you with whom you can attach yourself for opportunities; if you are thinking that I am suggesting you to increase your Public Relations, then you've got the point. If you have got those skills, you just need someone to give you a high-jump opportunity but meanwhile you need patience, you can never attain your goal over-night.

If I have to sum up this topic then all I can say is that if you have got the skills, you need to let people know that you can do it and you can do it better than any one else.

What do you think is the best resource for learning what you're doing? Paper books? Internet? Friends? Training Centers? or?

If you are asking me what can teach you best then here is the list; Time, Practical Experience, Friends, Internet and your successful Competitors; all others can even make you a knowledgeable and a skillful person but wont allow you to expand your horizon! In order to make it a lucrative deal you have to stick to provided list.

You excel and learn from your experiences and that is only possible with time (Doesn't necessarily mean that you are doing it to get paid) ; friends if not teachers because they can teach you in a friendly manner and you wont mind taking their time; once you have attained a reasonable amount of knowledge about your interest, you need to expand your horizon through available resources on the internet and lastly those competitors can tell you why are you not getting it right. Minimize the difference between you and success as much as possible.

Is aptitude something?

Yes, Aptitude is not just something but everything because if you work hard in a particular field for which you have no interest, have got no aptitude of but you just got into it because you thought of it as a lucrative field, then you might not attain anything but a mere glimpse of what it would have been in the field of your interest and aptitude. If you want to be a successful person then try a mixture of aptitude and hard-work; you won't disappoint yourself.

Is programming a God gifted skill?

A Partial Yes! Programming is something which is entirely based on your aptitude towards it, how is your aptitude formed, it is a process of what you see through your life until college and hence you develop your interest, if you have got enough hold over logic and have developed some interest in calculus, you might just need a little to pull yourself towards Programming but we do not have any hard-and-fast rule for this because analysis, design, implementation and debugging should properly be learned in any case, you need to analyze, design, implement and debug, code, provided you have got the passion along with hard-working attitude by now before you can be a good programmer.
How do you see the future of IT in Pakistan?

Whenever I come across this debate, I never have found someone saying things on real grounds, all saying that 'we have got a very bright future', everyone seem to mention the same old story but no one is suggesting how and why! We've got a dilemma at our hands that we are producing top-notch IT professionals but we have no place to adjust them, we have got skillful persons but we are unable to make maximum out of them. There is no doubt about this that every other business or professional department is in need of IT Professional to fulfill their IT needs but on the contrary they are not willing to pay any reasonable amount to that professional which in-turn abuses the efforts he makes. The other point that should be kept in mind that this field demands no mediocre but a person who is capable of doing nearly anything, this point is not to make that I mean to discourage masses but this is what is being demanded by the IT Firms/MNC/Governmental Institutions. As long as we help our Professionals by paying them what they deserve and if only we specialize our field to its maximum requirements, we have got a bright future, rest is all otherwise.

How much do you think societies and clubs help in professional development of students? Want to say something on this?

Interaction and Positive Interaction, If only societies and clubs can provide their members with this blessing, there is nothing better than to be a member of any Society and Club then. It has-been a problem with many of the Clubs, Societies and even Online Communities that they fail to provide a positive platform for its members to discuss and solve their problems related any specific field for which it is formed, but at the same time I have been able to see and commend for providing a platform which has got that blend and I can feel the need in these guys that they really want to do something for our youngsters. If I have to sum up this whole topic in one line then I can only suggest that being a member of any positive and interactive club or society, you are actually getting benefited by others' experiences and success stories, from which you can learn a lot only if you have got that spark in you.

Can I ask some personal questions too?

Yes Please (Fishy Smile)

Typical question... Whom do you like the most? your father or mother? :)

Ummm...Typical question yet a very difficult question for anyone to answer, both have got their own importance and I am also not suggesting any article on this over here but all I can say is that everything but my parents; I have got that big support, never have been shunned for nearly anything, always have given me due attention and liberty; whatever I am today, its because of my Father and Mother; all I desire is to make them happy forever.

How do you summarize your life in a sentence or two?

Me, My Family, My Friends & Kreative Arts

Any lessons you learnt from your personal life?

Trust Is Not All That You Can Relay On; You Better Ned To Think as Well

If someone wants to become someone like you. What should he/she do? Any tips?

Yes, I admit that inspirations can do wonders in sketching up your goals, rather attain those goals as well but apart from those things you need to be on the top of your thoughts, you should be someone who is willing to take up the challenges and risks at the very right moment. You should have skills and a very fair amount of luck as well; if you can unify these things then I can assure you that I am not your destination, you have got something higher than me.
When did you come to know about and how did you find it?

Its been few months since I have been paying visits to this Forum and have always found it lively; it has been in the recent past that I got registered because I just couldn't wait any longer to be a part of this very community of students. I think this forum has got that point of becoming one of the largest ever communities in the times to come; Lets hope that it attains its due respect and position among the students.

Any ideas, comments, suggestions for is doing great till now and we should expect some more changes to this domain with lots of more sections; for that I also suggest Teachers' Section would be beneficial if you people can arrange up an interactive segment with any teacher on regular basis; which would allow students to clear up their minds with any questions they might have; rest needs a lot of appreciation for its Job Well-Done.

Thank You!

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