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M. Hasan Khan - the Gilly Boy!

Name: M.Hasan Khan

Star: Cancer

Age: 19

Date Of Birth:
17th July 1985

Favorite Colors:
Black, Blue and White

Bahria University, Islamabad Campus

Hasan is in the middle with blue cap :)


I am pleased to inform you that you're one of the shining stars team loves to interview and add in the Talent Hunt section. How does it feel to be interviewed?

I’m greatly honored and surprised at the same time since In my own opinion I’m not good enough to be interviewed for this title.

So what are you by profession else than a student?

I see myself as an engineer.

Whats Gilly? and is it Jilly or Gilly? :P I mean by pronounciation?

Gilly is my nickname given to me by my grand mother after she showed me a pic of cats and said “Billy” (In Urdu) I repeated the word pronouncing it “Gilly” and its my nickname since then after which I’ve named my msn client “Gilly Messenger”

Gilly is quite famous, isn't it? How did you do it?

It first started off as a research project as I was quite interested in learning MSN protocol and socket programming but later on I developed it for my self to get rid of many msn addons I had to use simultaneously and finally it ended up as a CrackSoft product
CrackSoft is the name rite? Why Crack?

I looked for many names for my company but all of them were already registered by someone so I finally decided CrackSoft as the name and “Cracking Technologies” as the slogan.

When are you colorizing your website? no offence! :)

Well…I’m not deeply interested in webdesigning neither I have designed this website on my own so there is nothing I can do at the moment but hopefully the site layout will change someday.

Tell me about the projects CrackSoft have completed?

There have been many softwares that CrackSoft published but I took them off the site due to illegality of their nature hence there is no point in mentioning them either so I have only four softwares listed on the site at the moment:-

  1. SMS Messenger (For web2sms chat with mobilink, instaphone, ufone and paktel users)

  2. Smart WhoIs (For getting WhoIs information of any IP or top level domain)

  3. Stay Connected (For avoiding dialup disconnection due to idle time out)

  4. Gilly Messenger (Alternative client for MSN Messenger service with scripting feature).

Any future plans? if they aren't secret :)

I don’t have any big plans as such but I do hope to contribute in research and development in IT field of Pakistan and give it some respect internationally.
Is your family cooperative towards what you're doing?

I get told off from time to time for too much usage of computer and internet but its all good for my own self in the end.

How much important is this factor of family supporting your interests?

Not much. If you've got to do something; you've got to do it 

Style Shtyle ;)

Are you a born coder?

Coder? no. Programmer? yes. I believe we all are programmers in someway. Its just a matter of using your mind.

Many students and other people are impressed by you. How can they become someone like you?

That’s quite flattering to know and to answer your question I’d say anyone can become better than I am if they have deep interest in what they are doing.

How do you see Pakistan's IT market? Is it business worthy?

Call it my lack of knowledge but I personally don’t know a single Pakistani software company known internationally. All I see are Software Houses with tiny goals. The point of software piracy can be considered but I believe if the software is good enough, the international sale can cover up the loss in Pakistan. We seriously need some software piracy laws here.

Are you optimistic about future of IT in Pakistan?

It surely will improve if more sensible, young, talented and practical people get involved in it for the sake of improving it rather than earning fortunes.

Do you want to praise or appreciate someone for your professional life?

I’ve learned most of what I know yet, during my job at Future Connect so I’m greatly thankful to the CEO (Asad Manzur) for introducing me to new stuff to work with. I'd also like to thank everyone who has ever helped me with any computer related problem.

How do you explain your personal life in a sentence or two?

Unpredictable. I evolve as I live.

Any lessons from the past?

Trust and business do not blend.

By nature, are you short tempered?

Throughout my life I’ve tried to increase the level of my tolerance but I’ve always been gifted with tougher times by nature, challenging my effort...and I lose.

You aren't smoker, you don't take tea but then how do you program? Will you deny this myth that a programmer needs something like this? :)

That explains why I have a headache most of the time and why I try to laugh out loud and act waggish most of the time 

How did you come to know about & when?

It was first introduced to me by my friend Adil and I’m attached to it since then.
You are also in the development team of, so I won't ask any ideas, comments or suggestions here. :) Any message for users?

Watch out cause we’re going to change everything around you.. 
Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for giving me the honor.

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