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LIPTON Sports Day 2004 - Event Report
by Ayesha Lone (Deputy Director The FIRM)

Venue: BIMCS, Karachi Campus

On a hot humid Friday as students from morning shift rush home and those from evening start coming in the university they cant help but notice the chairs and banners being set up for the upcoming event, many of them roam around with curios looks as to what’s going on, the President Zahid and the Vice President roaming around here there, trying to contain themselves from all the excitement and pressure all built up. The FIRM’s president was seen roaming around snapping shots and taking pictures making sure not to miss out on any thing at all and make this event a memorable one through the wesite just like they covered the Mela at bahria with pictures and an article.

As the sun slowly sets and the breeze gets cooler and the unbearable heat pipes down, people are seen arriving at the back near the basket ball court ,at very first just as one arrived at the spot there was great confusion and hustling all around, reminded me of my annual sports day “practice day” in school, some girls were seen all clad in their boyish outfits fooling around and giggling away while trying to actually hit a run, one the other side however the tallest dudes were seen enjoying the final games of the basket ball ,how ever they were a wee bit distracted with the cricket match going right next to them, the girls however were informed they had to run all the way up to witness the table tennis match ,which was actually quite annoying and some complained the event to be disorganized ,but then again none of us have ever witnessed an out door table tennis match now have we? as the evening drew in people seem a lot more cheery just as Ali zafar’s rangeen is in the air, some restless gals suggested dancing near the pitch outta boredom ..that sure would have been a treat for the guys around.

Soon enough as the commentary box came to life and the match between BS-7 [evening] and MBA-0 [morning] began with MBA-0 winning the toss , and they chose to bat first ,they lost their wickets very quickly and managed to score 44 runs in 8 overs, the opposite team however had an easy victory with good batting with pretty good fielding as well, Baba Obaid was the umpire and did pretty well, without any doubt, a victory dance is noticeable by the crowd as the BS-7 won the final match. One of the noticeable young man was Ali Talib Bs-7, who without any doubt gave the most wonderful performance, he participated in almost all of the matches, and not only did he participate but he performed his best as well despite of a really high temperature he was running, a strip of “panadol EXTRA” was all he needed to keep him running and all pumped up, and he took great responsibility being the vice president of the sports society himself.

The most interesting event of the evening begins almost near maghrib time, as the crowd jeers and grins while the girls walk in for the girls cricket match, morning versus the evening team. People were almost disappointed with the idea of “oh! Girls. Boring stuff man., do they even know how to hold the damn bat”. But we were in for a big surprise, in fact the most juicy and spicy even of the entire day was this match, as people wait for the first over to be bowled some commotion was seen near the commentary box, and perhaps some argument, people were already curious not knowing what more a match which began with a 10 minutes argument would hold for them, the evening team initially had 10 members because one of them had backed out on the last moment and they demanded for the morning girls to cut down on one of its members as it wouldn’t be “fair”, the argument began amongst the evening group its self as they were noticed blaming each other, the match however began as there was no more time to lose, this was enough to gave the girls a really nervous start, however the eleventh member joined the team soon enough,the umpire again was baba obaid who seemed more then thrilled to be umpiring these handful of girls,he came in with a grin pasted all over his face,overjoyed and glad to be of help,trying his best to assist and guide every girl around him,making sure not to miss out on any of the gals around and bless them with his advices, he however never knew that girls now were no more all “nice and dandy” , and what was yet to come and the morning girls scored a good 65 in 5 overs which was even better then what the guys had previously scored, most of the runs were made due to poor fielding when the girls appealed for a wicket of Noureen Ruftaj [BBA-6 Morning] the captain of the team, as the girls from the evening started playing yet another argument broke out and the crowd jeered and hooted and as were enjoying them selves in fact were thrilled with the act these girls had pulled up, and I’ll be sure to mention an extremely annoying horn which was being blowed again and again which was without any doubt no less then the sound of a tired donkey with a sore throat.

The crowd went wild and crazy screaming and laughing and enjoying the evening and wishing this would go on and on and not for a second did people regret their decision for being there that evening as nothing else would give them a better chance to share laugh and enjoy the best that there was available, and things like these remain in our hearts and minds as the most pleasant and free memories of our university when we all step into the harsh and cruel “real world” moments that we spend and laughter’s that we share with friends in the most carefree times or our lives, as it got darker, lights were lit up, the ball was changed from white to red and thou it was a bit dark on the pitch but it couldn’t stop the girls from playing and they went on and on. With constant arguments after every 2 or 3 balls ,umpire obaid soon realized that working with and umpiring for girls wasn’t a candy job after all, the girls almost sacred him of when suddenly another argument broke up and they girls almost leaped at each other clawing like wild cats he was seen stepping away from the pitch while some responsible people try cooling them down, the match ended with hooting of “cheaters cheaters” from the evening side, just as Ruftaj took the last wicket of Tayyaba, the crowd got restless and guys from evening started closing in and marched towards the commentary box, complaining the commentators and the umpire to be biased, umpire Obaid came up n said “its agirls match, so what no big deal just announce TIE, who wants the trouble of resolving the conflict that might arise between the both shifts” Shahmeer President of The FIRM, who was in the commentary box however wasn’t convinced because he felt it wasn’t fair neither did he want the situation out get out of hands. Finally Mr. Wahid from the adminstration came over calmed the angry crowd and the commentators announced the winners morning girls team won the match by 4 runs.

The details of all the events and the results are as follows:


BASKET BALL FINAL: BS 7 [evening] VS BS 5 [morning]
Score= 2 - 0

MEN TABLE TENNIS FIRST SINGLE [FINAL]: Ali talib BS 7 [evening] VS Farhan taqee BS 5 [morning]
Ali Talib won Score= 21-12

MEN TABLE TENNIS SECOND SINGLE [FINAL]: Zahid Aurangzeb BS 7[evening] VS Omer BBA 5[morning] but playing for BS 5[morning]
Zahid BS-7 [evening] won Score = 21-18

Sadia Aleem MCS 3[morning] won 2-0 against Asma

MEN CRICKET FINAL: BS-7[evening] Vs BS–5 [morning]
BS-7 won by 8 wickets with 2.2 overs to spare

MAN OF THE MATCH: Zahid Aurangzeb BS-7[evening]

MAN OF THE SERIES: Ayaz Mazhar BS-7 [evening]


Courtesy of: The FIRM

The FIRM Copyright © 2004 is a Property of the FIRM:
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