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by Jimmy

After the delay of another event of which bahrians are now used to the mela started at saturday 13th of december. It promised much but delievered nothing at first, the much anticipated talent show was suddenly cancelled because of some controversal reason and lack of planning. Everybody(who didnt knew lipton wasnt sponsoring the event) was looking for Dino man and Anoushey as they were expected to show up if Lipton sponsored.

So FUN was taken out of the word FUN Mela most of the people came early to attend the media society's drag seminar and what they did was just sit around for a long long time doing nothing just staring at some empty stalls.the only thing that kept interest was the election for the most popular guy as the contestents kept campaigning to convince people to vote but most of the people forgot to bring their ID cards which was as necessery for voting as earlier announced by ALWAAN. The only time it looked as if we were having a mela was after 5 oclock when the voting started and went for two hours (approximately) and guess what? OBAID and ALI Bin ZAHID alliance won.(like other people had a chance) but Burhan ullah Khan gave them a run for their money as he was beaten by a short margin (only 47 votes). The underdog Shoiab got much more then expected (72 votes) if he and burhan would have alligned they would have taken BABA OBIAD out. There were some people with one and 2 votes as well (wishfull thinkers).

After the sun went down bahria started partying and bahria knows how to party sometimes. All the supporters of the winners danced and had fun but it stopped at 8 o'clock as things were beginning to heat up. TIME RESTRICTIONS PEOPLE! , GO HOME! all in all we were promised a Stake and were served MAASH KI DAAL but the bahrians added some bahrian signature spice in it to make it worth coming to. there were plenty stalls best of em all was Ali's Arm Wrestling Stall which got the best stall award & later turned into a Dance Floor. the Jail, song dedication with blasted Speakers and Squeaky Announcers. i mean no need to dedicate a song to her coz she would hardly listen. flower dedication. discarded Cd stalls and the best of em all ICE CREAM stall in this weather but was delicious.
food! nobody ate and a party everbody enjoyed. quite a mix situation. but one thing that was worth mentioning was the ELECTIONS. they were really refined and Fare with a capital F. hatss off to ALWAAN and Mr Javed Sheikh and the election commisioner. Considering the infancy of entertainment society and the first event for FAHAD LAKHANI he didnt do bad. but he
sure did bite a bit more then he could chew. so, he was bound to choke. but best of luck to him in the future.and may he be able to deliever what he promises. the Previous Mela was much better. but entertainment society will learn from their mistakes & with that note

Courtesty of: The FIRM

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